Thank you for reading my blog.  As you read these posts I hope you find them entertaining and informative.


I am not an expert

However, it is important that you understand that I am not an expert in investing, I am not a lawyer, and I am not an accountant.  I am simply a guy who has been investing for a while, have had some success, and decided to share some of my thoughts on the matter.  When I make comments on different topics, I am doing them to the best of my ability, but you SHOULD NOT assume that they have the credibility of an expert licensed or certified in that area.

The comments I make on this blog have been based on the situation of me and my family.  Your situation will be very different—your age, your earning potential, your family make up, your tax situation, the composition of your family, the debts and assets you have, and on and on.  You should customize your plan based on all those particular characteristics which might mean that you completely disregard the advice on this blog.

The best thing you can do is educate yourself on investing and finances.  There are a ton of resources available on the internet, at school, in your local library, that can help you learn about all these concepts so you can make the best decisions when it comes to investing.  I strongly encourage you to do that.  You may also want to retain professionals like accountants (comments I make on taxes are my best understanding of my situation, but I’m not an expert), lawyers (comments I make on legal issues are my best understanding for my situation, but I’m not an expert), and financial planners (comments I make on investing are my best understanding for my situation, but I’m not an expert).


Best efforts on analysis

You’ll also see that I do a lot of analysis and calculations.  I do my best to ensure these are accurate, but they may not always be.  The data I get may be erroneous; also, I may make mistakes in my calculations.  So please don’t base any decisions on my calculations without doing those same calculations yourself.


Not predicting future investment performance

In addition, in many of my analyses I will assume future rates of return; this is for illustrative purposes only and in no way should be interpreted as me predicting the future movements of the stock market.  Financial markets are very unpredictable and can go up or down, sometimes down for very long periods of time.  Often I will make assumptions about the future based on historical performance, but it is not at all certain that stocks will perform in the future as they have in the past.

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